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World's most affordable IOT (Internet of Things) enabled digital fuel density kit can help fuel station increase operational efficiency,remote monitoring of fuel density and also provide analytical report to Oil marketting companies helping them make well informed decisions timely.

Density  & API Gravity of Fuel insights 

App/Dashboard Support

Cloud Storage access

Regular OTA Updates

AI Chatbot assistance


World's cheapest IOT fuel telematic device can help vehicle owners reduce fuel wastage by 70% and provide  transparent fuel quantity insights in terms of refueling/ theft/leakages (even 1 ML change) & qualitity insights in terms of adulteration /API gravity/density, equipped with real time tracking.

Fuel Quantity and Quality Insights
App Support
GPS Tracking
Cloud Storage Access
Regular OTA Updates

Why choose Readymotive?

Getting your IOT solutions playbook ready


Small sized ,portable and light weight device to carry


World's most affordable IOT fuel

density device accounts for mix of patent -published hardware 

and copyrighted software 

Easy to use

Simple UI Functionality ,

easy to use for technology-illiterate person even


How is Readymotive staying ahead of curve?

Marrying frugal innovative ideas with new emerging technologies to build
habit-forming products

Architectural Design


3D Printing

Proprietary Technology

Multi-Faceted Innovation

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